(My Neighbor’s Keeper Association)

As a community, we always come together to support one of our own facing any kind of challenges. Whether one has few or many friends, is new in town or has been a long-term resident of KC, we, as a community want to be there for each other, we are neighbor’s, thousands of miles away from home, it’s only befitting that we be each others keeper’s.
We hope that you will take the time to review the fund policies and eventually join with the rest of the community in enrolling for the Benevolence Fund managed by My Neighbor’s Keeper Association.

To sign up now for the Benevolence Fund, please fill out this


(Open enrollment is once a year during the month of January)

Target Members:500 Current:148
A majority of international students who come to the U.S. to study face challenges which typically include adapting to a new culture and financial sustenance. Mentoring such students can help ease the transition and working with a local university to allow you to host an international student throughout the year (over the holidays, monthly family dinner etc) as well as providing advice on career choices and work options would be significantly beneficial to these students.
You are encouraged to support this program by volunteering to adopt or mentor a student. Any donations of funds to help meet related costs and help settle the students are much appreciated.
Interested  in adopting or mentoring a student? Send us a message or an email
Target:$10,000 Raised:$600
STEM, College Prep & Mentorship
KCKC is focused on having a 100% graduation rate and in developing programs for college PREP within its academic, cultural and athletic programs. By linking our youth to athletic coaches and school professionals, we intend to provide opportunities for athletes and the youth who go through the program to benefit from scholarship and mentorship programs.

The college prep programs has several components focusing on developing each individual’s talent in the areas of sports, the arts and sciences through our STEM programs, in addition to College prep programs developed by colleges and other third parties. In order to successfully equip students, we will seek partnerships with institutions where applicable.

Target Youth: 200  Current members: 30


Interested in becoming a mentor or in recommending a youth to the program?


One of the featured programs in our community is the athletic program. Most of the parents came to the United states as student athletes and have participated in various activities at the local, state or national level in various programs in the NCAA or other collegiate programs.

The community comprises about 100 families with about 150 children who now also participate in various sporting activities within the organization and are either trained by parent coaches or participate through external partners. The coaches train specific children whose parents have signed up.

The organization continues to seek additional sources of funds for this program including grants, fundraising, corporate sponsorship and donations. KCKC will continue to evaluate and develop specific athletic programs within its capabilities and needs.

 Donations of any amount will be much appreciated.

Target : 6,000  Raised: $500

Exciting news! KCKC is acquiring a centrally located building that is to be re-purposed into a community center. The building was previously used as a medical facility (Mid-America Cardiology-HCA). It is located at 11201 Colorado Ave, Kansas City, MO 64137.

Your engagement and participation in this effort is highly appreciated. You can make your contributions via cash me app using the hashtag $KCKC2018.

Donations of any amount are welcome. KCKC Organization is a 501(C)3 organization and your donations are tax deductible.

Acquisition  completed. Next Phase Repurposing… Target:$200,000 Raised:$6,000
VOLUNTEER! You can make a Difference
Giving and participating in community outreach impacts lives and builds stronger families and communities ! Volunteering your time and gifts positively impacts lives locally and internationally. Our community benefits from people like You. There are a variety of ways in which we support Community Charities within the Kansas City area and beyond as part of our community outreach and we welcome you to join us in this effort.
Volunteering for one day a month or for an hour a week, makes a big difference. Please contact us and indicate what types of activities you are interested in or how you may want to volunteer, and someone will be in contact with you soon.
Target Volunteers: 100 Current: 35